Monday, April 4, 2016

Cooperstown #9: "merry christmas...."

Hello family!

Mylanta, we've gotten more snow in the past two days than we have all winter. It better melt soon because I want all the NY summer humidity I can get!!! But, I've been on such a spiritual high this week that I didn't even rage when I woke up and saw the snow yesterday. I'm grateful for a companion who will listen to Christmas music in April :) Things in my companionship are going much much better!

I am SO happy to report that things are going so well here!!!

I am focusing on the things that the Lord teaches me each day and, wow, it is beautiful! In doing so, I am really feeling more of His love than ever before as I see the small, simple things He wants to teach me. When our companionship was at the height of its struggles, I felt like I was doing so many things wrong. I made it my rule that as long as I was doing what Christ would do in each situation, I couldn't be doing too bad of a job! Looking back, I see that the Lord WAS guiding me. I was doing just what He wanted me to do! I really do love her and it's much more rewarding to see her improve than myself. It's taken sacrifice, but I really am coming to love it.

I know this is getting long, but she's also told me that in her patriarchal blessing it says she will strengthen her faith in all areas of her life. She gave me the greatest compliment ever the other day and told me I have really helped fulfill that for the first time in her life. We're setting exercise/health goals, goals in our companionship, and having more faith than ever in our work! That comment from her has really been encouraging for me. And rewarding!

We had a wonderful miracle happen yesterday! After conference, the elders gave us a record they had found in their area book for a family in our area. They haven't been taught for a few years. The father was in prison for 11 years, but while there, he was taught about the church and wanted to be baptized. The same situation as Sister Coy in Oswego! Brother Weeks (the father) and his family moved to New York and were taught just a few times it seems by the elders. But his wife wasn't in favor of him being baptized. We went over immediately after we got the records from the elders! We talked with the wife and her and I really connected! We can tell she's opening up so much more to us than she did to the elders in the past. Sometimes that happens. She said she wants a "church family" and we promised her that is exactly what she'll feel in the Oneonta branch! It was wonderful!!! They didn't have time right then, but we're going back on Wednesday.

We were also able to find 5 new people to teach this week, all of which were found by following those small impressions from the Spirit to change our plans.

General Conference was TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS!

The Lord truly is blessing us! Thank you thank you for supporting me through this!

Sister Hallsted

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